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The Magic

My goal has always been to spike the development process at that critical moment when pen first hits paper. I believe this is where the magic happens - giving life to a client’s idea, whether it was given to me on a napkin sketch, or just a thought in a conversation. This is the springboard of development.

The collection above is a representative portion of my early-stage development work. These sketches are taken from a variety of startup client projects, and from larger brand work. I hope this provides some insight into my creative process.


Industrial designers are problem solvers. Every project is loaded with unique, challenging, and complex parameters that require thousands of rapid-fire micro-decisions to be made on a dime, every time we engage the process. We all have a pretty capable skill set and varying strong suits. But I think something needs to lead the way, and identifying your brand, knowing & embracing what distinct talent you bring to the table will reveal that. Forming your own creative stamp. Your process. That unique something that will attract potential collaborators, colleagues, and clients. This is my something.

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