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"Product designer Joseph Gasparino has a soft spot in his heart for startups. When Amir Levin (KABOOST) asked him to transform the barest outlines of a concept into a three-dimensional, child-safe product, the designer jumped on it.  "I know what it's like to go out on your own and take a real chance," says Mr. Gasparino.  "A lot of people like Amir have never gone through the developmental process before, and I take their thumbnail napkin sketch and bring it to life."
- Crain's New York Business



Functional and innovative, yes. But it's a kid's product after all ;) The added focus on styling & aesthetics was important. The anthropomorphic styling makes KABOOST much less of a gadgety looking machine, but also a fun, approachable product.


Designed to snap onto any 4-legged chair - round, square or curved legs - using a spring-loaded, expandable leg design. Non-slip pads & grips save your floors, and secure your toddler. Collapsible design allows KABOOST to store & travel easily.

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