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Gasparino Design

Styling & Aesthetics

Over time, I'd have to say this has become my bailiwick - styling existing products to look more beautiful, more fashionable, and on point with current trends.


Startup clients like KABOOST need 24/7 personal attention. Largely working as an individual developer, I make that a priority. But for clients of any size, I can still provide full development work, from concept to prototype, 3D CAD,  in-house 3D printing, and factory liaison work.

GD Originals

In addition to developing my own in-house, handcrafted designs, I've worked with several clients on creating custom originals, including interior design pieces.

What Else?

Make sure you check out my Instagram page @gasparinodesign to dig a little deeper into my creative process & stylistic leanings. I also provide career development coaching for graduates on the job search, staff designers looking to transition into an independent freelance career, and the overall ins & outs of going out on your own.

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